Coolsingel Rotterdam by West 8

West 8 writes on their website: "West 8 worked with the municipality of Rotterdam to restore the prominence and allure of Rotterdam’s main boulevard, the Coolsingel. The reinvigorated public realm gives a new impetus to the attractiveness and success of the city center, and has helped catalyze further developments. The design balances traffic on the one hand while creating comfortable pedestrian, cycling and public transport routes. A revolution on the scale of Rotterdam.
West 8’s design vision emphasizes the visitor experience. Three lanes of vehicular traffic are situated east of the existing tram line, while a spacious pedestrian esplanade and two-way bicycle path are located on the west side of the street. Quality paving, new furniture, upgraded subway entrances, twenty-three bespoke lanterns, and greenery create a legible new identity for the Coolsingel. Capitalizing on the quality of the existing greenery and combining it with additional trees and pocket parks creates an attractive meeting place for all times of the day and in all seasons".

The Coolsingel Luminaire, a by West 8 designed lantern, is also shown in the images: "referencing the Art Deco ornamental style originally seen when the Coolsingel was first constructed in the interbellum period. Taking direct inspiration from the historic lanterns in front of the Town Hall, the base of the new Coolsingel Luminaire is made of natural stone, with three steel uprights holding up two large rings".

Originally commissioned by de Volkskrant and published alongside an article by Kirsten Hannema.