The surreal objects pictured within Parade make a strange contrast to the people that brought them to life: the Dutch, known for their sober-mindedness, as reflected in the neat and well-organized environment that characterizes their country. With this typical Dutch environment acting as a backdrop, the decorated vehicles or ‘floats’, come across as a silent protest against conformity. They are, however, a product of the same sober-mindedness and careful planning skills that shaped the very landscape with which they seem to contradict.

Parades are no rarity within the Netherlands, with over five hundred annual parades, they play an important role within many communities. Constructing a single float takes months of planning and intensive group labour, all leading up to the sparse hours in which they eventually are towed through the streets. In a growing individualistic society it brings and binds people together, showing the universal need of people to unite. The floats are of great beauty (I’d like to refer to them as temporary artworks), however, the real beauty can be found in the perseverance with which they are made.


Concept, edit and photography: Tom Janssen
Design: Simon Burer
Story: Frank Heinen
Essay: Dirk van Weelden

Edition: 1000, including 24 special editions
Softcover, Swiss binding
Size: 30 x 23,6 cm
Pages: 88 with 4 fold-outs plus 20 page booklet
Images: 60, full page
Printing: offset
Paper: 250 gsm hv offset white and 120 gsm Munken Lynx Rough

Translation: Heddwen van Gestel
Reference prints: De Verbeelding
Print and Lithography: Drukkerij Aeroprint
Binding: Boekbinderij Patist

ISBN: 978-90-8232740-3

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