Seaside resort Scheveningen

For decades the Scheveningen boulevard has been a place of which the public image was one of fries and ugly buildings. To counter this image, the municipality of The Hague launched a plan in 2015 to improve the public space and build environment, investing €25 million in public greenery and paving and construction projects.

Back in 2003 the Southern part of the boulevard already had to undergo rigorous transformations due to the need to strengthen the sea wall. Spanish architect Manuel de Solà-Morales (1939-2012) made a design for this area that has been well received. The quality of his design formed the backbone of the 2015 plan.

When photographing the Scheveningen boulevard in 2021, I looked at what historically was already there in combination with, or in contrast to, what has been developed to ‘upgrade’ the boulevard to attract new groups of visitors.

Commissioned by de Volkskrant and published alongside an article by Kirsten Hannema.