The historic canals of Utrecht

For the opening of the last part of the main square in front of Utrecht Central Station - het Stationsplein - five photographers were asked to develop a diptych or a triptych around the theme ‘movement’. The theme is freely based on the urban renewal in and around the station until 2030 and the more than 185.000 daily visitors of the station.

The triptych I developed focuses on the historic canals of Utrecht and their use by inhabitants and tourists for recreation, following some of the main themes within my work: urban planning and leisure activities. The canals played an important role within the historic infrastructure and were face-defining in the development of the city centre, sharing a lot of similarities with the present-day development of Utrecht Central Station. Although the canals still fulfil some of their original functions, their infrastructural heydays have long been gone. Leisure activities are slowly taking over, standing in stark contrast with the fast paced environment in and around the train station.

This work was exhibited at Stationsplein Utrecht for one year, during 2019 - 2020, toghether with works by Heidi de Gier, Isolde Woudstra, Joost Termeer and Fleur Wiersma

Commissioned by gemeente Utrecht / CU2030

Left-side of the triptych, Oudegracht

Centre-piece of the triptych, Nieuwegracht

Right-side of the triptych, Stadsbuitengracht